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Please list below your last five employers, starting with the last one. Please fill out to completion.

Bay Country Landscape & Maintenance Co. requires that each employee is physically qualified to perform the tasks required by the job. As a condition of employment each employee may be required to take a physical examination as necessary for the safety and welfare of the employee or fellow employees.

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Medical Information

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Are you currently, or have you during the past six months been under the care of a physician?

Bay Country Landscape & Maintenance Co. requires that each employee is free from the effects of drugs or alcohol while performing the tasks required by the job. As a condition of employment, each employee may be required to take a drug-screening test at the time of employment, or at any other time at the discretion of the company. Each applicant must answer and agree to the following:

I hereby consent to a pre-employment drug and alcohol-screening test, and certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the foregoing answers are complete and correct. I understand and agree that any omission of this record may be cause for the disqualification of my application, or termination. Furthermore, if employed, I hereby authorize Bay Country Landscape & Maintenance co. to require me to take drug and alcohol screening tests in accordance with the current company policy covering drug and alcohol abuse. I understand that my refusal to take drug screening tests as required by the current company policy shall result in my immediate discharge.

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Statement & Signature

In completing and submitting this application I understand and agree: That any misstatement of facts will be sufficient reason for immediate withdrawal of this application or, in the event of employment, is cause for termination. That my previous employers may be asked for information concerning my employment, character, ability and experience. That on this application, no question has been answered in such manner that can disclose any sex, race, color, religion, or national origin. That if employed, I may be required to furnish proof of age. I agree to abide by all rules/regulations set forth by Bay Country Landscape & Maintenance Co. That Bay Country Landscape & Maintenance Co. shall be entitled to receive reports concerning injury or illness from attending physicians and practitioners.

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